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 Friend of God by  David Asscherick


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Watch our second featured presentation with David Asscherick about our ability to change
Hope Media Ministry has been blessed to pick-up some well known speakers and some not so well-known but all are God fearing, mission minded speakers who serve Christ and will show you ways that you can serve Christ better.  
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Powerful seminars on prophecy that brings the Bible truths to life.  Discover amazing facts in the much debated Revelation and Daniel chapters that will give you confidence that Jesus will come again.  Learn about the antichrist power and much, much more.  
>> Discover Prophecy
>> Hope for the Homeland
>> Answers - Mini-Series
>> Revelation Promises Hope
>> Hope Through Prophecy
>> Experience Prophecy
More than 20 million Americans have adult-onset diabetes.  57 million have pre-diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, millions more will develop this disease in the next decade.  Did you know that type 2 diabetes is known as a lifestyle disease, developed by inactivity and unhealthy food choices, leading to weight gain and obesity!  80 percent of the overweight will develop diabetes!  Scientific studies have shown that you can avoid and even reverse diabetes with simple, easy-to-follow lifestyle principles. Doctors find that START NEW is your best medicine to prevent, reverse and cure many chronic lifestyle diseases including diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and more.  Learn more today with Dr. Neil Goodman and his team.
>> Dr. Bobby Scales on Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Osteoporosis, and more
>> StartNew with Dr. Neil Goodman and more...
>> Health Study
Hope Media travels the United States to pick up some great events that will lead you to a closer walk with Christ.  Our topics are all Bible based on music, marriage, mission, and the list goes on.  
>> Alive >>Camp Meeting >> MD Men of Faith
>> Arise >> GLYC >> OYC
>> CAMPUS l.e.a.d.s. >> GYC >> Remnant Rally
>> CAMPUS Retreat >> Men of Faith  
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