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David Asscherick is an ordained minister of the Gospel and a sought after speaker both nationally and internationally.  A former extreme sports enthusiast and punk rocker, David turned his life over to the God of the Bible at the age of 24.  Since that time, he has traveled all over the world preaching and teaching the Good News of Jesus Christ.  He is presently the director of a missionary training 
center called ARISE Institute located in Sonora, Ca.  He is happily married to his wife, Violeta, and is the father two fun-filled and energetic 
boys, Landon and Jabel.

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David Asscherick Sermons
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    Answers - (Discover Prophecy Answers mini-series).  A
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    Hope for the Homeland - produced by Hope Media.  Our first
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    The Grace of God - No Turning Back - After this presentation you will see
    how much grace God has for His children and on this world. 
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    Friends of God - produced by Oakwood University this six-part revival
    sermons will inspire everyone
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    Blessed Are the Peacemakers -
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    MySpace Disgrace -
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     Hitchhiking for Love -
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    The Long Way Home - is David's testimony. He shares some of his 
    past without glamorizing. Many know that David was a punk
    rocker, rock climber and was enrolled to be a medical doctor.
    Now you can here his story for yourself. The Spiritual Lesson
    with a Skateboard twist starts off with David visiting a school to
    talk with the children and show them some of his skating
    techniques. It ends with footage of David at a skateboard park
    where he practiced while holding a series of meetings. 
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    Unashamed Series - Another powerful series by David Asscherick
    produced by 3abn.  You've heard the saying "your never going to change",
    "can't train an old dog new tricks", well scratch all that, because with the
    power of Christ, it is never too late to change our "Mind"
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   Growing Your Marriage God's Way -  preached to a group of
   men but great for the whole family.  Marriage is one of the
   most beautiful yet complicated partnerships in human history.
   Did you know God says He hates divorce (Malachi 2:16)? A
   marriage takes time and commitment as well as understanding.
   Join David as he presents five important tools to help improve
   your own marriage.
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    Carry the Light - (Four Part Series). Each of us can take part in
    spreading God's word and shining the light of Jesus on this dark
    world. Each of us can "Carry the Light". This series will inspire
    you to share God's love for us with others. Recorded Live by
    Hope media and produced by 3ABN.
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    God's Word Endures Forever - (Five Part Series)
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    Does God Exist? (Five Part Series)


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    Out with the Old, In with the New Click Here

    Our Legacy, Our Lifestyle, Our Longing

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    To Be Like Jesus (Three Part Series)

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    Four For Faith (Four Part Series)

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    Contending for the Faith (Five Part Series)

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    Higher than the Highest (Four Part Series)

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    Giving An Answer (Five Part Series) Click Here
    Read and Pray Through the Psalms - (Four Part Set) Click Here
    By Every Word (Three Part Series) Click Here
    T o w a r d  t h e  M a r k  - o f  E x c e l l e n c e (Two Part Series) Click Here
    Real Religion (Eight Part Series) Click Here
    Behold (five Part Set) Click Here
    A Life Worth Living (five Part Set) Click Here

   More David Asscherick

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Listen or Watch some of the best sermons by David Asscherick right here.  New sermons like Unashamed and classics like Does God Exist.  David Asscherick has some of the best prophecy seminars such as Revelation Promises Hope, hope for the homeland, and the eleventh hour evidence. Available on mp3 and much free media in video and audio formats. On this site you will find many speakers and many topics.  Bible Prophecy, Daniel and Revelations, health, music and worship are just to name a few.  Discover Prophecy is one of the most sought after series here and people sometimes misspell david's name asschrick,david ashrick, Some of what we have here was produced by Hope Media and some by 3ABN when we had the pleasure to record live and learn from them.  A great presentation by David is "growing your marriage god's way".  A quick prophecy seminar for the "Too Busy Person is Answers and a great one for the skeptic atheist is eleventh hour evidence.  Enjoy!




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