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Doug Batchelor is a world-wide know speaker and president of Amazing Facts.  He spends much of his time traveling and preaching on various topics but specializes in Bible Prophecy seminars.   
Doug Batchelor

God's Word Endures Forever

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Sharing in His Holiness

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By Every Word

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Doug Batchelor in his cave.


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Everlasting Gospel

Genesis History
  1. Foundation for Faith (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  2. Creation or Coincidence? (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  3. A Good Beginning (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  4. The Day of Blessed Rest (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  5. The Sabbath - Questions, Objections, Arguments & Answers (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  6. A Honeymoon in Paradise (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  7. The Entrance of Shame & Blame (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  8. The First Family Feud (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  9. Walking Separately (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  10. An Ark of Salvation (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  11. Through the Storm (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  12. The Rise and Fall of Babylon (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  1. Going by Faith (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  2. My Sister My Spouse (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  3. Riches and Strife (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  4. Rescue and Reward (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  5. Righteous by Faith (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  6. A Surrogate Son (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  7. A New Name (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  8. Entertain and Intercede (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  9. Right Relationships (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  10. The Ultimate Test (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  11. Mourning a Loss (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  12. Finding the Right Bride (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
Out of Egypt into the Promised Land
  1. Pharaoh's Compromise (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  2. Manna in the Morning (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  3. The Party's Over (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  4. Giant Faith (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  5. The Sign of the Serpent (24k mp3 | (64k mp3)
  6. The Red Rope of Rahab (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
Learning from the Kings
  1. Backsliding (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  2. Pride & Position (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  3. Pride & Possessions (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)
  4. Pride & Power & Passion (24k mp3) | (64k mp3)

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                       Bible Answers by Doug Batchelor


Accountability MP3   Guardian Angels MP3 Resurection MP3  
Antichrist MP3   Heaven MP3 rev12 - The Woman MP3  
Babylon Rebuilt MP3   Hell MP3 The Rich Man and lazarus MP3  
Baptism (how old) MP3   Holy Spirit MP3 Sabbath Change MP3  
Baptism to be Saved MP3   Homosexuals MP3 Sacrifice of Fools MP3  
Bible Study MP3   Idolatry MP3 Sad Times Remembered in Heaven MP3  
Biblical Law MP3   Jehovah MP3 Salvation 5 MP3  
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Cults MP3   Long Hair MP3 Satan Loose MP3  
Diet MP3   Lots Daughters MP3 Second Coming 1 MP3  
Different Races MP3   Marriage in Heaven MP3 Second Coming 2 MP3  
Dinosaurs MP3   Michael the Ark Angel MP3 Secret Rapture MP3  
Divorce MP3   Military MP3 Smoking & Chewing MP3  
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Evolution MP3   Multi-level Marketing MP3 Suffering MP3  
Fasting MP3   New Earth Season MP3 Superstition MP3  
Fasting-The Purpose of  MP3   Oldest Man that Lived MP3 Television MP3  
Financial Blessings MP3   Outerspace MP3 Tongues and the Holy Spirit MP3  
God Can't Answer this… MP3   Pets in Heaven MP3 Unclean Meat MP3  
God-Who Made MP3   Pride MP3 Work in Heaven MP3  
God's Humor


  Reincarnation MP3